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The only solution needed to revive, retain, and grow repeat customers - so you can keep costs low, support teams, and customers satisfied.

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Free CRM & Scanner Included

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Boost your sales

With our built-in CRM and targeted PUSH notification, grow your business with ease.


Get New Customers Fast through Referral Sharing

Let your loyal customers do the advertising. With a simple share button, they can recommend your business, bringing in new patrons effortlessly through word-of-mouth. No heavy lifting required.

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Keep Customers Coming Back with

Digital Cards & Alerts

Set up once, reap forever. Offer digital rewards that entice customers to return, and let automatic PUSH reminders do the job of nudging them about special offers or benefits.


Drive more sales with Built in CRM

Get to know your customers better, automatically. The CRM picks up on their activity and events, sending out the right offers. More sales, less guesswork.

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All-Inclusive Platform

With everything included, you'll never need to go anywhere else for your loyalty platform. Seriously.

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Collect & Redeem

Earn stamps with each purchase. Fill the card, get a reward. Boost repeat visits without extra costs.

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Earn & Enjoy Benefits

Make purchases, collect points. Trade points for exclusive rewards. Understand your customers' likes.

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Exclusive Access

Join and enjoy unique deals and events. Foster a community of loyal, premium customers.

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Consistent Savings

Save consistently on select items. Encourages frequent visits, moving specific products.

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Spend & Save

Spend and get money back. Motivate spending, ensuring increased sales and loyalty.

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Time-limited Deals

Get short-term, high-value deals. Spur sales in slow times and gain insights.

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Bundle & Experience

Pay once, enjoy multiple services. Promote diverse offerings, boosting transaction values.

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Gift & Redeem

Redeem gifts or pre-bought items. Attract new customers and simplify gift-giving.


Deep Customer Insights

Understand customer behaviors. Tailor offers and strategies, driving stronger loyalty and sales.


Instant Notifications

Engage customers in real-time. Promote deals, news, or reminders directly to their devices.

Referral Sharing

Word-of-Mouth Boost

Let satisfied customers spread the word. Easily expand your customer base with referrals.


Hear & Improve

Collect genuine feedback instantly. Adapt and excel by understanding your customer's needs.

Increase Engagement & Sharing

Built-in CRM System

With Loyally's built-in CRM system, you can easily manage and track customer data, helping you better understand your customers and tailor your marketing strategies to their needs.

Customer Segmentation

Loyally allows you to segment customers based on their preferences, behaviors, and purchase history. This enables you to target specific customer groups with personalized offers and promotions, increasing their engagement and loyalty.

Free Unlimited PUSH Notifications

Stay connected with your customers through free, unlimited PUSH notifications. Send timely updates, offers, and reminders to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.

Geolocation & Proximity Marketing

With geolocation and proximity marketing, you can target customers based on their location, providing relevant offers and promotions when they're near your business. This can drive foot traffic and increase sales.

Referral Sharing

Loyally's referral sharing feature encourages your customers to share your loyalty program with friends and family, expanding your customer base without additional advertising costs.

Social Media Integration

Easily integrate your loyalty program with your social media platforms, allowing you to reach a wider audience and engage with customers through multiple channels.

Targeted Messaging

Use Loyally's targeted messaging feature to send tailored email campaigns to specific customer segments, improving the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and driving sales.

Analytics, Automation & Feedback

Performance Metrics

Track your loyalty program's performance with key metrics like customer engagement, sales, and reward redemptions, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your marketing efforts.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Gain insights into your customers' purchasing habits and preferences, enabling you to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve customer satisfaction.

Automated Reward Distribution

Automate the distribution of rewards and incentives to your customers, reducing manual effort and ensuring a smooth, efficient loyalty program.

Customer Feedback & Surveys

Gather valuable feedback from your customers through surveys, helping you identify areas for improvement and ensuring your customers feel heard and valued.

HiFive Reputation Management (Add-on)

Analyze, generate, monitor, and shar